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Top 5 October 2019 Home Maintenance Checklist items.

Maintaining your home is protecting your home as an investment.  As we maintain our homes a few things may go unnoticed/uncared for.

Top 5 October 2019 Home Maintenance Checklist items.

Top Picks By Nola Northshore Real Estate Group

1. Clean Dryer Vents.

Every time you clean your dryer vents between loads, you are removing a potential fire hazard.  Overtime that lint that gets left behind goes into the vent line.   Make sure to snake your vent this fall to further prevent any potential future fires.

2. Store Patio Furniture

Your patio furniture faces the elements every day.  To protect your furniture this fall start to cover your furniture and store exterior cushions and pillows in a dry area.  Bonus:  Treat or Scotchguard your furniture/cushions for extra protection and longer life.

3.  Fall Cleaning

Unfortanly cleaning is a never-ending battle.  As we clean, oftentimes we skip over a few areas.  Take time this month to clean ceiling fans, vent hoods, and a/c ducts of dust and grim.  Your allergies will thank you!

4.  Weed and Seed your Lawn

After long hot Louisiana Summers, your lawn may need a little extra attention.  Weeding and seeding your yard will help repair damage, keep your sod strong, and rid your yard of leaves.

5. Inspect Gutters and Downspouts

In the Fall, your gutters can easily clog with leaves and twigs.  To help prevent the build-up clean off your roof and clean out your gutters.  Inspect your roof and gutters for damage and re-seal where you see necessary.

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